Diploma in Multimedia & Animation


The diploma in multimedia and animation course would help every successful student get polished on the areas of digital media, and also have special and redefined skills in graphics design, Webdesign, animations and multimedia courses. On completion of the course, each student would be very versatile with the way and logic on which the Multimedia industry works and also have the special skills and privileges to combat any kind of challenge that demands a sure solution.


Course Contents

Graphics Designing

  • Corel Draw
    •  Creating Logos,Pamphlets, Visiting Cards etc.
  • Photoshop
    •  Joining Pictures
    •  Photo Editing
  • Complete Knowledge of paper size & Paper Quality
  • Screen Printing & Offset Printing


  • 3D Tool
  • GIF Animation
  • Macromedia Flash Animation
  • Dreamviewer

Web Development

  • Notepad++
  • HTML 4-5
  • CSS 2-3
  • JQuery
  • Dreamviewer
  • Photoshop
  • MySQL
  • PHP

Programming Languages

  • Programming in C
  • Programming in C++


After Completion of the DMA Course from GCE, You can start working as Layout Artist, Video Editor, Visual effects designer, Audio & Video specialist, 2D & 3D Animator, Multimedia Designer, Graphic Designer etc


Diploma in Multimedia & Animation