Office Management


This is an introductory course that does not presuppose any previous knowledge of computers. You will study the basics of Office Management.




  1. 1. Recognize when to use each of the Microsoft Office programs to create professional business documents.
  2. 2. Use Microsoft Office programs to create personal and/or business documents following current professional and/or industry standards.
  3. 3. Pursue future courses specializing in one or more of the programs.
  4. 4. Apply skills and concepts for basic use of computer hardware, software, networks, and the Internet in the workplace and in future coursework as identified by the internationally accepted Internet and Computing Core (IC3) standards.

Course contents

  • Microsoft Office
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Internet
  • Multimedia
  • Printing Work
  • Disk Operating System (DOS)
  • Windows Settings
  • Fundamentals of Computer

Target Audience

  • This course is intended for anyone interested in learning computers
  • This course is aimed at beginners, so no previous experience is necessary


After Completion of the Office Management Course from GCE, You can start working as Office Assistant, Back office Assistant, Computer Operator.

Office Management